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SeMA, Seo-Seoul Museum of Art pre-opening public program “Exceptional Times, Uncertain Moves”

posted 08 Nov 2022


Prior to its opening, the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art has held a pre-opening public program annually, thus sharing its construction process with citizens, searching for a vision of the art museum in a multifaceted manner, and constructing concrete strategies in preparation for its opening while establishing the starting point for research projects. Held for the third time, the 2022 Seo-Seoul Museum of Art pre-opening public program “Exceptional Times, Uncertain Moves” will gauge whether or not it is possible to redesign new forms of cultural production of contemporary art and art museums and perspectives for experiencing and pondering on them on the basis of an understanding of cultural, political, and economic relations surrounding a dramatically changing environment.

At an important turning point in the Digital Revolution, our lives and cultures and human behavior and senses are evolving to a new level of existence and perception. The international forum “Digital Culture and Art Museums” will prepare a basis for critical explorations of the operation and tasks of digital culture and discuss issues faced by diverse art museums and institutions in a distributed network society. It will search for the art museum’s strategies to expand cultural experiences in the Digital Age. Part 1 “Network Art Museums and Visitor Experiences” will examine whether art museums where analogue and digital platforms are connected can create new experiences and aid democratic and communal approaches to art. Part 2 “Digital Culture and Artistic Praxis” will examine what the ways of artistic production and thinking are in the Digital Age and what the tasks for the exhibition and collection of the digital arts are.

This pre-opening public program will proceed both online and onsite, at the SeMA Learning Station/Coral and on the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art website, and the topics and the contents of the dialogues of the pre-opening public program, which will continue for three years, are scheduled to be publicized through the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art website and publications. The program runs from October 25 to November 27.


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