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Nam June Paik Art Center, 《Paik’s Video Study》

posted 06 Dec 2022

Paik’s Video Study.png

Screenshot of Paik’s Video Study, 2022, Image provided by Nam June Paik Art Center.

Paik’s Video Study is shown in an online environment of Nam June Paik Art Center Video Archives. Paik’s Video Study is the world’s only streaming system of Nam June Paik’s video archives in an online environment. It streams around 700 works from a video archive created and stored by the artist himself. Presented in both Korean and English, Paik’s Video Study offers both these video files and around 300 essays from Nam June Paik Art Center’s research into Paik’s art. Users can stream videos on their mobile devices and PCs while using the features of “continue watching” and “making my videos” to create their own video studies.

Nam June Paik Art Center Video Archives includes 2,285 video works collected and created by Paik himself. Offering a glimpse at the topics, people, and video-editing techniques that fascinated the artist during his lifetime, the video archive consists of analog tapes and films. These include various editing clips and footage from Paik’s most prominent single-channel works; source materials boasting their own dazzling video aesthetic; archival footage of historic performances and exhibitions; television programs and documentaries from countries such as Korea, the US, Japan, and Germany that reflect Paik’s life as a global nomad; and archival videos of interviews with fellow artists.

With its combination of digitally converted videos and metadata based on research, Paik’s Video Study allows users to gain closer access to Paik’s artistic ideas. Also, by improving access to Nam June Paik Art Center’s public resources, Paik’s Video Study will help to promote interest in the artist and encourage research into his vision and work. As a realization of Paik’s hope that Nam June Paik Art Center would grow to become a globally renowned art institution through its video archive research and usage activities, Paik’s Video Study is expected to promote reexamination of the artist’s ideas, while providing an opportunity to remember Nam June Paik the artist.


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