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Kwan-taeck Park : Buffering of Memory User t

posted 15 July 2020

Buffering1) of Memory2) User3) t4)

“Yessss / Then let’s do it that way. / Ah, shall we? Yes, yes yes./ Then when would be good? / Yes. Tomorrow? Yes. I think it’d be okay but… / Then, what shall we do? Will you need more time to think?”5)

t – who always can be added, replaced, and deleted – is flexible. His social nature, assisted by double negative acquired appropriateness and uncertainty, points to modesty and a request for order. t – who cannot easily be caught in the breakaway net, which, however, will actually be common sense6)one day – is hung between extractions and quotations that enjoy various dates and speeds among substances given a variety of forms.

What is needed to be accurate is inaccurate expressions. Because “inaccuracy is never the same as approximate value, but rather the accurate path of something happening”7), for t – who cannot ignore the possibility of discontinuity of time and space – the memory about time and space that is captured by an exact time point is merely a motivation. Although it sprouts a meaning more than itself from time to time, it is okay if messages step back in the life we live that is not continuous, limitless, homogeneous, or isotropic.

“Ah, that’s a different story. Yes. I don’t think I can give you the answer right now. / Yes. Yes. Right. Right right yes. You’re right. Oh yes. I’m aware of it very well, yes yes. Yes? / In my position. I cannot help but tell you like this. Yes / But, even considering that, what I cannot understand is what I cannot understand. My position, too / I’m very aware that you are in a position where you cannot help but say that.”8)

‘Along with’ that, what will it function as? Uniqueness doesn’t really give up its authority. Unconditional universality suppresses differences and the combination of brief reflections on what has been excluded disrupts immersion. The status of having distracting thoughts touches on the most basic visual action. When these brief reflections – too short to become a narrative – depend on ‘fragile solidity’9) and flap, buffering between images becomes a lubricity that can be decided by set coincidences. Speed arouses different sensations from the same images.

Kwan-taeck Park, 〈Phrase〉, 2019, marker on paper and cutting, 29 x 21 cm

Kwan-taeck Park, 〈Phrase〉, 2019, marker on paper and cutting, 29 x 21 cm

“Yes. Yes. Yes yes. Ah. Yes yes. Yes. Yes.Yes...Yeah umm. What I mean is / Ha. Ah. It’s a bit odd. Yes? No, I mean, that’s what I have been telling you so far. / Well, you are right but do we have to do it like that? Oh really? /That’s what I mean, we are on the same page. Yes, we are.”10)

Work is a series of unlimited decisions, but those decisions are usually random. t – who looks to the ground when making decisions – stays in the buffer, temporary storage. The debris leaked out of the decision do not disappear thanks to the technology directed by intuition but “we have lost the first of the ebb.”12)

“Yes. You’re right. I know you could do that. But that is / It can’t be helped… I don’t really get it when you say it’s what it is / It’s not that I don’t understand that. / Yes. That’s inevitable. / Oh no that’s not true / Oh really? / Yes / Ah yes? / Yes.”13)


1)1. In the dictionary, a buffer can refer to a relief device to ease conflicts between two parameters. For example, video files can be cut off depending on the network connection, but the buffer temporarily recalls the data and smoothly connects to the data that follows. 『Maeil Business Newspaper』 2. A way to save data temporarily or absorb the speed difference for smooth sending and receiving of information. 『IT Dictionary』 3. The title of Kwan-taeck Park's solo show
2)1. “It is necessary to consider memory as being conclusively (naturally) different from perception, rather than simply identifying it as a weakened perception that has passed by. Memory is not simply an imprint and remnant of the past perception, but is made up of an infinite chain of past and mutual penetration. The past is not simply the present that has passed, and it is never disconnected from the past. The present and the past are absolutely simultaneous, and the present is merely a precursor to a potential aggregation of the past that interpenes and interconnects. Memory and duration, identified in this way, have critical qualitative differences over the dimensions of substance and perception.” This is how Japan’s Kuniichi Uno, who obtained his doctorate degree in research on Antonin Artaud from the University of Paris VIII under the guidance of Deleuze, explained the characteristics of Bergson's memory and persistence. It is the translated version by Jungwoo Lee and Dongsun Kim. 2. Memory is stored in the sensory area of the cerebral cortex, and the hippocampus is seen to be involved in memory formation. 『Naver Bioscience Encyclopedia』 3. A mental function of maintaining and regenerating perceived or learned impressions. Freud described perception and memory as different mental systems in his project for scientific psychology and thought of memory as a lasting force of experience. 『Naver Psychoanalysis Encyclopedia』 4. A series of processes that store and preserve everyday experiences in one's head, and then recall and recognize them when necessary. Naver Educational Psychological Dictionary 5. Generally speaking people distinguish between what is remembered and what evokes it when using the word 'memory'. Naver Phenomenology Dictionary 6. Memorize and not forget prior. 『Naver Life Bible Dictionary』 7. Memory has never been completely stopped. It deteriorates in the incomplete status.
3)1. A person who uses human service or objects 2. A person who pays another person who provides labor. In other words, an individual or corporate employer 3. A person who uses a computer. 『Standard Korean Dictionary』.
4)When T cells become effector T cells by antigenic stimulation, some cells become memory T cells. Memory T cells survive after the apoptosis of the effector T cells over a long period of time. In addition, reacting with the same antigen again leads to large amounts of effector T cells by initiating multiplication at an extremely short time compared to the naive T cells, resulting in rapid and powerful secondary immune response. 『Naver Bioscience Encyclopedia』.
5)Kwan-taeck Park's 〈Looping〉 (2019, Acrylic paint on paper, 455x273cm) begins with "Yessss. Then let's do it that way." But no one can be sure it is the beginning of the conversation. Even though it is called 'a beginning' according to the convention to deal with locations of text on a screen, it is still vague to say it is the beginning or 'what' it is.
6)Quoted from Namu Wiki which has a quote by René Descartes “Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world, for everyone thinks they are so well-endowed with it [...]” Common sense, which refers to values, knowledge and judgment shared by members of society and taken for granted, applies to the world. The concepts that people just know or are supposed to know are irrelevant to right and wrong, and common sense and non-common sense interact with each other.
7)Kuniichi Uno wrote about Deleuze and Guattari.
8)Kwan-taeck Park, 〈Looping〉 (2019)
9)For Park, paper that plays between fragility and solidity is an efficient material that is cheap and easy to operate. He values efficiency.
10)Kwan-taeck Park, 〈Looping〉 (2019)
11) An area of memory that temporarily holds data while it is being transferred from one place to another. It remembers data temporarily. In this method of performing input and output simultaneously with the calculation of a task, the input device copies data to the main memory before the process requires data. It adjusts the speed difference of the data flow that occurs during the input and output process.
12)『Heart of Darkness』 by Joseph Conrad ends with this sentence.
13)Kwan-taeck Park, 〈Looping〉 (2019)

※ This content was first published in 『2019 MMCA Residency Goyang: A Collection of Critical Reviews』, and re-published here with the consent of MMCA Goyang Residency

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