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Traditional Korean landscapes encrusted with Swarovski crystals on view in New York

posted 30 Sep 2021

Korean traditional landscape paintings that feature panoramic scenes sprung from both reality and artists' imaginations ― mountains punctuated by thick forests, soaring cliffs and water roaring down deep ravines ― have carved out a central spot in the centuries of Korean art history.

Artist Kim Jong-sook has played with these age-old visual conventions for nearly two decades by bringing the spellbinding landscape to life not through ink and brush but a constellation of sparkling Swarovski crystals peppering the canvas.

Twelve works from her "Artificial Landscape" and "White Material" series, which depict the shimmering dreamland adorned with pearls, opals and crystals of various hues, are currently on view in New York at the exhibition "Evanescence," held at Crossing Art in collaboration with Korea's Gallery Grimson.

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