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[Herald Interview] ‘Guerilla artist’ leaves encouraging messages all over city

posted 14 Dec 2021

Walking through the bustling streets of Seoul and encountering a rose sprouting from a piece of charcoal, one might wonder, “Is this installation art or a personal message to someone?’ The artist who made the piece says it is both.

Lee Hyo-yeol, 36, better known as Yeol, considers himself a freelance advertiser by day and a guerilla artist by night.

Since 2014, when he made “Flowers Bloom Through Heat,” Lee has worked on over 20 guerilla installation projects in the city.

From the wall that surrounds Deoksugung in central Seoul to Seongsu Bridge in the eastern part of the city, from bus stations to old bar districts, Lee has spread messages of consolation, cheer and appreciation in handwritten notes attached to his installations.

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