• Chae Eun Rhee Artist

    In her painting, Chae Eun loads an array of images onto a large canvas and scrutinizes them in the light of today. She mainly uses the medium of painting as a means to critique the hypocritical asp..

  • Rhee Donghoon Artist

    Rhee Donghoon(b.1991) use wood to carve flower vases, animals, figures, and paint pictures by looking at the carved objects. As he carved woods, he found joy in the process of making shapes and col..

  • RYU Biho Artist

    RYU Biho was born in 1970 in Gunsan, South Korea. He currently lives and works in Seoul.
    Following his first solo exhibition titled The Steel Sun in 2000, he co-organized Artistic Acts through..

  • Sungsil Ryu Artist

    Sungsil Ryu is a MFA candidate in Sculpture at Seoul National University from which she received a BFA in 2018. Her video work 〈BJ Cherry Jang 2018. 09〉, published on the Vimeo, was viewed 23K time..

  • ROOMTONE Artist

    ROOMTONE, a media artist team, uses VR and Game as its media in the work, to explore immersive experience arising from the interaction between the real senses and the virtual senses. For the team, ..

  • RohwaJeong Artist

    RohwaJeong is an artist duo comprising of Roh Yunhee and Jeong Hyunsuk. RohwaJeong expresses its interest in relations between a center and its surroundings throughout various genres. The artist du..

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