• Ahram Jeong Artist

    Ahram Jeong is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. Jeong explores the possibility of the individual as a cultural producer and attempts to create works t..

  • Jaehee Jung Artist

    Jaehee Jung mainly uses electronic products, along with various other objects, as the materials for his creations. He sees electronic products as readily available technology and important objects ..

  • Jihyun Jung Artist

    Discarded materials and industrial waste found around the city become Jihyun Jung’s sources of inspiration. From the physical reality of the urban environment, Jung learns the function and movement..

  • JUN, HYOUNG SAN Artist

    JUN, HYOUNG SAN is sound artist, and researcher. He has been exploring the potentiality of sound noise focusing on “non-musical sound”, and, based on this study, For Hyoung San, noise represents th..

  • Jang Pa Artist

    Jang Pa’s works visually expresses the otherized sense such as ‘the female grotesque’, reflecting on the possibility of expanding the pictorial language based on feminist identity. On the subject s..

  • Hyejin Jo Artist

    Hyejin Jo graduated from Ewha Womans University with a B.F.A in sculpture in 2011 and with a M.F.A. in the same major in 2015. Jo has presented at several group exhibitions such as 《Augmented Memor..

  • Jung, Jae-chul Artist

    Artist Statement
    Nobody can live alone. We all interact with someone in some way. Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or even just a supermarket owner in the neighborhoo..

  • Sojung Jun Artist

    Jun Sojung was born in Busan, Korea in 1982. She received her BFA in the Department of Sculpture at Seoul National University and her MFA in the Department of Media Art at Yonsei University Graduat..

  • Hyunsun Jeon Artist

    The world around us appears differently depending on the perspective and point of view. Hyunsun Jeon have been observing the subject which is unfixed and constantly changing. Since the information ..

  • Jongwan Jang Artist

    Born in Busan 1983, and majored in painting. He has been based in Seoul since graduation, working on various projects. Although painting is his main medium, he continues to combine painting with ot..

  • JEONG Ji Won Artist

    JEONG Ji Won's work is expression of personal unpleasant feelings from social relationship. Moments from unreliable sources are expressed by the moon while unknowably tangled and remained as trauma..

  • EunHye Jung Artist

    EunHye Jung believes that the animals bred for consumption are the most mistreated creature in the current era. Jung embody these animals in her art with ceramics to show that they are live creatur..

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