• Yooyoung Park Curator

    A French major at Chonnam National University in Korea, Park began her work with an interest in provincial cultures and art projects. In the 2011 Asia Munhwa Maru (Kunsthalle Gwangju), she led part..

  • Yujin Eugenie Moon Curator

    Majored in Art Studies at Hongik University, Moon has worked in the international market for arts and crafts since receiving her M.A. in 2007 with..

  • Yun Kyung Kam Curator

    With an interest in connecting society to art, Kam has participated in a number of public art projects and continues to expand her on-site experience. She completed in 2016 an art producer (aPD) co..

  • Yeonjin Chung Curator

    Receiving a bachelor’s in economics from California State University and a master’s in arts from Hongik University, Chung worked as a curator at Posco Art Museum from 2011 through 2015 and for Trav..

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