• JEONG Ji Won Artist

    JEONG Ji Won's work is expression of personal unpleasant feelings from social relationship. Moments from unreliable sources are expressed by the moon while unknowably tangled and remained as trauma..

  • KIM Soun Gui Artist

    Born in 1946, Buyeo, Korea
    Lives and works in Paris, France since 1971

  • RYU Biho Artist

    RYU Biho was born in 1970 in Gunsan, South Korea. He currently lives and works in Seoul.
    Following his first solo exhibition titled The Steel Sun in 2000, he co-organized Artistic Acts through..

  • Mo Kim Artist

    Mo Kim is interested in the creative process that involves audience participation. Serving the roles as a promoter, narrator, guide, performer and a spectator, he is always thinking about ways to c..

  • Sejin Kim Artist

    Sejin Kim is a video artist and filmmaker. She has working with a variety of media apparatuses, including documentary realism and cinematic language to explore various and perplexing relationships ..

  • Jane Jin Kaisen Artist

    ane Jin Kaisen (born 1980 in Jeju Island, South Korea) is a visual artist, filmmaker, and Professor at the School of Media Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Working with video installati..

  • Minae Kim Artist

    Minae Kim has produced site-responsive sculptures and installations that intervene in everyday environments as a way to address architectural spaces and the institutionalized art scene. She further..

  • EunHye Jung Artist

    EunHye Jung believes that the animals bred for consumption are the most mistreated creature in the current era. Jung embody these animals in her art with ceramics to show that they are live creatur..

  • Namhee Kwon Artist

    Namhee Kwon is a Korean conceptual artist. Interested in representing literary and poetic impressions of everyday life through a visual language, and using text and symbols to alter the visual perc..

  • Oksun KIM Artist

    Oksun Kim has spent the last 20 years of her life photographing women, transnational couples, foreign residents and vegitations living in Jeju Island. Kim’s work is marked by the aimless gaze which..

  • Yong Meon Kang Artist

    The artist Yong Meon Kang writes his philosphy and soul into each of hiswork.
    His believes that art is the culmination of human mental action, and suchan attitude toward art has gained recogni..

  • Sari Go Artist

    Sari Go is interested in the relationship between objects and space that have been neglected, keeping working on revealing things that are invisible but exist. Her intention is to try to confront t..

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