• Hyeyeon Kim Artist

    Hyeyeon Kim is interested in different human relations and social contexts that are involved in forming those relations. She mainly works on performance and video.

  • CHU Mirim Artist

    Mirim Chu (b. 1982), an observer of urban as well as virtual landscapes, sees the city—where
    development and redevelopment make for never-ending growth—and the web—where
    information is up..

  • JUN, HYOUNG SAN Artist

    JUN, HYOUNG SAN is sound artist, and researcher. He has been exploring the potentiality of sound noise focusing on “non-musical sound”, and, based on this study, For Hyoung San, noise represents th..

  • Bae Yoon Hwan Artist

    Bae Yoon Hwan has explored consistently on the movements and unique aspects of Korean figurative art since the millennium, encompasses painting, video art, installation and grafiti. Influenced by t..

  • Kwanwoo Park Artist

    The most important mission of Kwanwoo Park’s art is to make you suspend your judgement for a while on everything. He’s been intrigued by fundamentally incomprehensible part of the reality. Afterall..

  • Dew Kim Artist

    Dew Kim (aka Huh Need-you) explores the meaning of beings excluded and discarded from the world moving towards normality, and the intense impulsive energy generated there. He also visualises the qu..

  • Ye-Eun Min Artist

    Ye-Eun Min’s work begins with the concepts of contradiction, discomfort, disorder, dispersion, dis-sonance, interference and so on which arise from heterogeneous culture. Artworks as entities form ..

  • Chae Eun Rhee Artist

    In her painting, Chae Eun loads an array of images onto a large canvas and scrutinizes them in the light of today. She mainly uses the medium of painting as a means to critique the hypocritical asp..

  • Jang Pa Artist

    Jang Pa’s works visually expresses the otherized sense such as ‘the female grotesque’, reflecting on the possibility of expanding the pictorial language based on feminist identity. On the subject s..

  • Jinyong Beom Artist
  • Jiwon YANG Artist

    Yang Jiwon’s practice is based on the act of drawing. Through performing familiar actions of drawing and writing, Yang takes interest in the forms of letters. The artist then morphs the form and li..

  • Byungsu Lee Artist

    Artist Byungsu Lee has been exploring how to experience and represent places in a digital media environment through moving images, 3D animation, and VR. He is interested in uncertain and undefined ..

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