• EunHye Jung Artist

    EunHye Jung believes that the animals bred for consumption are the most mistreated creature in the current era. Jung embody these animals in her art with ceramics to show that they are live creatur..

  • Namhee Kwon Artist

    Namhee Kwon is a Korean conceptual artist. Interested in representing literary and poetic impressions of everyday life through a visual language, and using text and symbols to alter the visual perc..

  • Oksun KIM Artist

    Oksun Kim has spent the last 20 years of her life photographing women, transnational couples, foreign residents and vegitations living in Jeju Island. Kim’s work is marked by the aimless gaze which..

  • Yong Meon Kang Artist

    The artist Yong Meon Kang writes his philosphy and soul into each of hiswork.
    His believes that art is the culmination of human mental action, and suchan attitude toward art has gained recogni..

  • Sari Go Artist

    Sari Go is interested in the relationship between objects and space that have been neglected, keeping working on revealing things that are invisible but exist. Her intention is to try to confront t..


    YANG KYUNGRYUL is a graduate of Chugye University of Arts and graduated from Hamburg University of Art and Design in Germany and participated in numerous solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibit..

  • CHA Young-Seok Artist

    CHA Young-Seok was born in 1976 and currently works and lives in Seoul, South Korea. As one of the most prospected emerging artists in Korea, Cha's work has been exhibited numerous galleries as wel..

  • AHN Doo-Jin Artist

    AHN Doo-Jin was born in 1975, and graduated from Hongik University studying both BFA and MFA in Painting. After being awarded as ‘A rising artist’ from Joongang Fine Arts Prize, his solo exhibition..

  • Bokyung Jun Artist

    Bokyung Jun uses various medium such as photography, installation and video. The artist crosses over the dichotomic definition of art and non-art by visualizing the non-artists’ bodies and memories..

  • Yoon Sangyoon Artist

    Sangyoon Yoon makes the picture by dividing the drawing into one by right hand and the other by the left. This results in completely different atmospheres that make one believe they must have been ..

  • Park, Gwang-Sun Artist

    The mirror series works by Park Gwang Sun shows the actuality of the world through an aesthetic experience that brings about an unexpected rupture. The encounter with many others presented by the a..

  • Changyoung Kim Artist

    Changyoung Kim’s work appears to be a form of painting, but the process of creating it is of the sculpture or of an object, as it involves continuously reconfiguring the painted surface. The result..

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