• Sewon Oh Curator

    Oh conceives exhibitions, workshops and farming for the CR Collective supported by the foundation Ilsim. He has diverse experiences in curating parts of crafts and design, interdisciplinary and con..

  • Yujin Eugenie Moon Curator

    Majored in Art Studies at Hongik University, Moon has worked in the international market for arts and crafts since receiving her M.A. in 2007 with..

  • Kyung yong Lim Curator

    Lim runs the independent publisher Mediabus and the project space Book Society. After studying film theory and production in college, he began planning, publishing and distributing art books by ope..

  • Boram Lim Curator

    Over her long career as a curator, Lim has planned a number of independent projects and exhibits such as Everyday Is Not the Same (2008) in Shanghai; Director’s Cut (2008) in Seoul; Yeomiji Art Pro..

  • Ihn Bum Lee Curator

    After graduating from Hongik University with a bachelor’s in painting, Lee went on to earn a master’s in aesthetics from the same school. He took his first step as a curator when the Gwacheon branc..

  • Jen Yeunho Kimjang Curator

    Jen Yeunho Kimjang studied media art and cultural studies. She planned the Seoul International NewMedia Festival (2000–17), which  won the award Arts of the ..

  • Juweon Kim Curator

    Having entered the art world as a writer for an art journal in 1996, Juweon Kim has been a modern art curator at museums since 2003. Her organization and supervision of both exhibits and research s..

  • Hyunjin Kim Curator

    Kim is a curator, writer, and researcher based in Seoul. She was Director at Arko Art Center, Seoul, in 2014‒2015 and a co-curator of the 7th Gwangju Biennale in 2008. Her curatorial and interdisci..

  • Haeju Kim Curator

    Kim is an independent curator working in Seoul who also writes and contemplates new projects focusing on the use of time, movement, the human body, memory and records in media such as visual art, t..

  • Yun Kyung Kam Curator

    With an interest in connecting society to art, Kam has participated in a number of public art projects and continues to expand her on-site experience. She completed in 2016 an art producer (aPD) co..

  • Jay Jungin Hwang Curator

    Born in 1980, Hwang received a BA and MA in art studies at Hongik University, and an MA in culture industry at Goldsmiths University of London. Hwang was a curator of Savina Museum of Contemporary ..

  • Yeonjin Chung Curator

    Receiving a bachelor’s in economics from California State University and a master’s in arts from Hongik University, Chung worked as a curator at Posco Art Museum from 2011 through 2015 and for Trav..

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