• Jinyong Beom Artist
  • Jiwon YANG Artist

    Yang Jiwon’s practice is based on the act of drawing. Through performing familiar actions of drawing and writing, Yang takes interest in the forms of letters. The artist then morphs the form and li..

  • Byungsu Lee Artist

    Artist Byungsu Lee has been exploring how to experience and represent places in a digital media environment through moving images, 3D animation, and VR. He is interested in uncertain and undefined ..

  • Sooryeon Choe Artist

    Choe Sooryeon paints while paying particular attention to the Oriental aspect represented in the contemporary time as well as the way of which it is consumed. On one hand, she partly doubts about t..

  • Minha Lee Artist

    Based on her persistent interest in human beings, she is working with media such as video and installation to reveal the structure in which humanness is lost in modern society. Starting from ‘the s..

  • Moon Isaac Artist

    Isaac Moon is a Seoul based artist. He is interested in how to create things and how to restructure experiences. From the early years, his work style focused on expanding plasticity of materials an..

  • Jaiyoung Cho Artist

    Jaiyoung Cho's work begins with an interest in the way we cognize. Each person's different ways of cognition create their own reality. This is why the question of how we recognize precedes the ques..

  • SungHong Min Artist

    SungHong Min’s Work is a spatial installation that visualizes the conditions of contemporary people who now face greater conflicts and concerns as a result of external stimuli and changes. The inst..

  • Eunu Lee Artist
  • Kalim Yoon Artist

    I've always had an interest in inventing my own devices and to use them in installations, creating the overall atmosphere of the space which based on reinterpretation of surroundings. These things ..

  • Juree Kim Artist

    Juree Kim is working on shaping the cycle of matter and the temporal experience of staying temporarily in it by capturing the metaphor of life and death that occurs in the process of the interrelat..

  • Jungpyo HONG Artist

    He has become famous for his sculptural works using resin and molding techniques, which can be called "three-dimensional copies," but in recent years his repertoire has become broader, with more at..

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