• Hannah Woo Artist

    I practice my work thinking of certain people who are unknow yet resemble me and try to find how my work can resonate with them. In my mind, these people are individuals living in the city with anx..

  • Eun, Oh Artist

    Eun Oh received his BFA in Sculpture from Hongik University in 2013 and his MFA from the same university in 2017. Oh has participated in several group exhibitions, including 《Hyperbolic Time Chambe..

  • Hyejin Jo Artist

    Hyejin Jo graduated from Ewha Womans University with a B.F.A in sculpture in 2011 and with a M.F.A. in the same major in 2015. Jo has presented at several group exhibitions such as 《Augmented Memor..

  • Yongju Kwon Artist
  • Sun Choi Artist

    As a visual artist, I have been interested in how to express the gap between art and reality in the context of contemporary art. Also, it was important for me to work understanding the context of a..

  • Seokwoo Chung Artist

    Based on people’s interest in ‘how the desire mind is expressed in everyday life’, he express the beauty of energy emitted when a being goes toward something through painting. He is interested in t..

  • Soohyeok Shin Artist

    Soohyeok Shin makes structural planes. They seem to be planes, but are abstract spaces with many layers inside. He designs and executes his works as if he constructed a neutral space on the plane, ..

  • Jung, Jae-chul Artist

    Artist Statement
    Nobody can live alone. We all interact with someone in some way. Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or even just a supermarket owner in the neighborhoo..

  • Sojung Lee Artist

    Sojung Lee (born in Jeju, 1979) studied at Ewha Woman’s University and graduated with an MFA from Seoul National University. She had selected solo exhibitions at P21, Seoul (2021); Gallery2, Seoul ..

  • Nakhee Sung Artist

    Nakhee Sung creates paintings that are slowly composed and gradually evolved into a particular, multi-layered, spatial structure, using intuitive yet decisively simple brushstrokes.
    From this ..

  • Lee Sojung Artist

    Lee Sojung produce artwork to reflect reality through a role-play called exhibition. In particular, attention is paid to the 'field' where ' objects' are placed. Mainly, sculptures have been instal..

  • Yoon Sang yuel Artist

    “Drawing lines shows horizontal and vertical images but the amplitude of the waves of the invisible irregular emotions that move up and down is huge. The sensitivities of such memories are to be re..

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