• Yoon Ji Seon Artist

    Yoon Ji Seon’s work makes use of various different media and deals with such themes as the body and identity, familiar and unfamiliar and word play. She earned her BFA and MFA in Painting from Hann..

  • Yezoi Hwang Artist

    Yezoi Hwang was born in Seoul in 1993. Growing up with parents who obsessively collected and recorded things, she was naturally drawn to photography. Hwang is more interested in compelling stories ..

  • Hyungji Park Artist

    Hyungji Park received his BFA in Painting from Hongik University and his MFA from Korea National University of Arts. He also studied Fine Art abroad at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and ..

  • Goeun Choi Artist

    Goeun Choi earned her BFA and MFA in Sculpture from Seoul National University. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions such as 《Disillusionment of 11AM》 (Thomas Park New York, 2019), 《Orange Po..

  • Hyongryol Bak Artist

    Hyong-ryol Bak studied Photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and received his MFA from Korea National University of Arts. He has held ten solo exhibitions, including 《Unseen Land》 (10th Il..

  • Choi Byeong Seok Artist

    Choi Byeong Seok majored in Sculpture at Daegu Catholic University and completed an MA program at Hongik University. He has held two solo exhibitions, including 《The Busy Hand The Honest Mind The E..

  • Ham Hyekyung Artist

    Ham HyeKyung received her BFA from Kaywon University of Art and Design in 2004 and completed a special program in Media Art at the same university in 2005. Ham has held several solo exhibitions inc..

  • Jun Hyerim Artist

    Jun Hyerim studied Painting at Chugye University for the Arts. Solo exhibitions of her paintings include 《Index of Hexahedron》 (Hapjungjigu, Seoul, 2019), 《Mirage》 (OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, 2017) ..

  • Oh Wanseok Artist

    Born in 1983, Oh Wanseok studied Sculpture at Chungnam National University. He held his first solo exhibition 《0 + – -0》 in 2013, at Café Andorh in Daejeon. In 2017, he held 《-0》 at the Daejeon Mus..

  • Kim Jinhee Artist

    Kim Jinhui received her BFA in Photography from Chung-Ang University in 2008. She has been a MFA candidate in Photography at the Hongik University College of Design since 2018. Her photos have been..

  • Meeyoung Kim Artist

    Meeyoung Kim earned her BFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Womans University in 2008 and her MFA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in London, the United Kingdom, in 2014. She has completed ar..

  • Don Sunpil Artist

    Don Sunpil received his BFA in Printmaking from Hongik University in 2011 and his MFA from Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 2016. His work has been shown in group exhibitions ..

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