• Yisu Kim Artist

    Yisu Kim tries to express a landscape of a dim Inframince floating over the surface of a lake amid fog. Her sentiment is supported by the concept of such Inframince , which is introduced by Marcel ..

  • Sojung Jun Artist

    Jun Sojung was born in Busan, Korea in 1982. She received her BFA in the Department of Sculpture at Seoul National University and her MFA in the Department of Media Art at Yonsei University Graduat..

  • Bek Hyunjin Artist

    Bek Hyunjin(b.1972) has been actively performing across diverse fields as a painter, installation artist, performance artist, musician, actor, director, and graphic designer. His painting, which he..

  • Pyoun Dae-sik Artist
  • Heejoon Lee Artist

    Heejoon Lee pays attention to the aesthetics of design pervading in various locations within the scenery surrounding our lives. He cautiously examines the proportions, balance, and colors of his su..

  • MeeNa Park Artist

    MeeNa Park (b.1973, Seoul, Korea) received a B.F.A in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and M.F.A in painting Hunter College in New York, NY. She has had solo exhibitions at AVP Lab(2020..

  • Hyunsun Jeon Artist

    The world around us appears differently depending on the perspective and point of view. Hyunsun Jeon have been observing the subject which is unfixed and constantly changing. Since the information ..

  • Choonghyun Lee Artist

    Choonghyun Lee focuses on the subject of reproduction of sculpture. He is interested in images and objects that ar called sculptural and sculptural things in the contemporary media. He observes the..

  • Sen Chung Artist

    Born in Jeonju/ Korea 1963. In his painting, expresses the balance between emotional and rational by invisible forces. Through the geometric, abstract elements that quietly float within the square ..

  • J. Park (Park Jong Kyu) Artist

    “Since 2009, Park has been expressing noise with dots and lines derived from pixels, which is the smallest unit of digital images. Noise is an important keyword in Park's work, and we generally thi..

  • Park Junghae Artist

    As Park Junghae makes her work, she asks herself how she can draw nature when looking at the landscape through the lens of “nowness”, which is drawn from moment to moment. Park continually experien..

  • Kim, hye seon Artist

    Kim, hye seon's works involve traversing. With a large painting knife, she horizontally push and pull lumps of paint in varing consistencies and cleanse her mind. Somewhere in the middle f abstract..

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