• Sungfeel Yun Artist
  • Doohyun Yoon Artist

    Doohyun Yoon (b. 1986) received his BFA in Environmental Sculpture from the University of Seoul in 2012. In 2016 He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of art with an MFA in Multidiscipli..

  • Song Mingyu Artist

    The artist processes, classifies and systematizes the data from the experiences in a landscape, and focuses on ways to visualize screens composed of signs, symbols, and decorations. From 2016 to 20..

  • BAHC, Heeza Artist
  • Park Kyung Ryul Artist

    Park Kyung Ryul (b.1979) received a M.F.A. in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts, London, and a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Fine Arts from Hongik University, Seoul. Park’s solo exhibitions include Fan..

  • Sohyun MOON Artist

    "The night is no longer a dark unknown, but it's rather flashy. Why is it no longer a night? What does it mean for fear to retreat and what does the new things that take its place mean?"

  • Doyeon Gwon Artist

    Doyeon Gwon studied literature and photography at school. His photography is concerned with exploring the relationship between knowledge and memory, the visual image, and language. His work include..

  • Chanmi Heo Artist

    Using the traditional medium painting, South Korean artist Heo Chan-mi is trying to define what it means to paint and to define the norms associated to it. Using the landscape as the motive of thes..

  • Chun Changhwan Artist

    "You can take a step back from your hasty verbal judgements when you trace around the pictures. This is not merely truthful statement with pictures. It can also applied to real life." Chun Changhwa..

  • Hyori Cho Artist

    Hyori Cho captures scenes that exist among unspecified spaces from reality to imagination. Her work which goes back and forth between the two and the three-dimension becomes a theatrical device tha..

  • Jongwan Jang Artist

    Born in Busan 1983, and majored in painting. He has been based in Seoul since graduation, working on various projects. Although painting is his main medium, he continues to combine painting with ot..

  • Changkon Lim Artist

    Changkon Lim wants to find the thing that normally gets hidden and erased. Lim incites the audience to look at "something" trivial, something that doesn't matter whether it exists or not. Lim hopes..

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