• Rhee Donghoon Artist

    Rhee Donghoon(b.1991) use wood to carve flower vases, animals, figures, and paint pictures by looking at the carved objects. As he carved woods, he found joy in the process of making shapes and col..

  • Jiwon Yu Artist

    Jiwon Yu (b. 1983 in South Korea) works on the idea of the « reorganization of the value » through sculptures, installations, videos etc. In particular, by using places, objects or anything that be..

  • Jiyoung Yoo Artist

    Jiyoung Yoo is a South Korean-born artist who is based in London and Seoul. Questioning the conventional conditions of painting, Yoo explores relationships between objects within the system of arra..

  • Eom Jeongwon Artist

    Eom Jeongwon is a visual artist working with video, installation, drawing and performance. Underpinning her practice is an interest in ways of seeing that includes perspectives on human and nature,..

  • Yang, Seungwook Artist

    Seungwook Yang has been taking photos with the doubts that I have about his daily life. Yang snapped the scenes of toys, hoarders, his family members’ death, and the local cities on the verge of de..

  • So minkyung Artist

    So minkyung connect and overlap the images that are processed by their form, and adjust the overlapped distances between the images. She layout and construct the view of the painting with horizonta..

  • Hyunjung Park Artist

    Hyunjung Park's abstract paintings respond to the current visual environment. The process involves simulating the image by alternating between two interfaces - paper and iPad, and materializing the..

  • Boma Pak Artist

    Starting with a desire to capture light and moments, Boma Pak is working on exploring and reflecting on this desire. Pak is interested in the ways of existence of things that have been pushed away ..

  • Nam Jinu Artist
  • Hyojae(Jaede) Kim Artist

    Hyoja(Jaede) Kim is a video artist who considers the transition between a default of human and data from the upcoming era.

  • Hansaem Kim Artist

    Growing up in the popular culture influenced by the opening of Japanese culture in the 1990s, Hansaem Kim practiced how to create images by imitating comics and video games. Through this process, H..

  • Jinhwee, Kim Artist

    Kim Jinhwee's projects are about the intersection of different methods with contradictory features―the coexistence of typical and atypical forms, drawing and its denial, movement and stillness, mar..

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