• Hyojae(Jaede) Kim Artist

    Hyoja(Jaede) Kim is a video artist who considers the transition between a default of human and data from the upcoming era.

  • Hansaem Kim Artist

    Growing up in the popular culture influenced by the opening of Japanese culture in the 1990s, Hansaem Kim practiced how to create images by imitating comics and video games. Through this process, H..

  • Jinhwee, Kim Artist

    Kim Jinhwee's projects are about the intersection of different methods with contradictory features―the coexistence of typical and atypical forms, drawing and its denial, movement and stillness, mar..

  • Kim Jaeuk Artist

    Kim, Jaeuk conceptually visualizes relationships and humanism through mixed media art. He reinterprets the idea that the essential human experience is ultimately standardized from start to finish a..

  • Kim Seola Artist

    Kim Seola traces her thoughts and observations through forms unseen to the naked eye. With her keen interest in small existences, she casts her gaze at lifeless things such as burnt remains of fire..

  • Seoul Kim Artist

    Seoul Kim’s painting is a serious critique of the basic elements and points of painting. His discovery and realization through the history of visual art from classical to contemporary times are rec..

  • KIM SANG DUK Artist

    Kim Sang-duk Makes Different Works such as drawing and abstract painting. There’s two things He’ve created a Messed up reality and another rough world. He’ve openly announced that all those objects..

  • Minouk Lim Artist

    Minouk Lim as an artist seeks to find ways to examine objects embedded with performativity, different methods of performance and imaginative modes of creating records. Her inclusive approach embrac..

  • Hun Kyu Kim Artist

    Hun Kyu Kim (b. 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in London, England) crafts poignant allegorical pictures employing an almost limitless range of historical inquiry. Vast..

  • Lee Seungtaek Artist

    Seung-taek Lee (b. 1932) is highly regarded as a leader of Korea’s avant-garde via his practice of “non-sculpture” that disrupts conventional artistic notions and questions established political an..

  • Kang Seung Lee Artist

    Kang Seung Lee is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in South Korea and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Lee’s work places emphasis on marginalized individual experiences and personal histo..

  • Kim Tschang-Yeul Artist

    Kim Tschang-Yeul has been working on waterdrop painting for a long time. Kim’s water droplets painting appear to seep out of the fabric of the canvas. The painting utilizes a true trompe l’oeil tec..

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