• Soyo Lee Artist

    Soyo Lee is a visual artist working in the theme of natural history and life sciences in the modern transitional period in Korea. Soyo is a PhD in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institu..

  • Ahram Jeong Artist

    Ahram Jeong is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. Jeong explores the possibility of the individual as a cultural producer and attempts to create works t..

  • Jinjoo Kim Artist

    Without any fixation on roles or materials, Jinjoo Kim works on creating iridescent questions that reveal her interests in fragmented and surviving images, performativity of language, coexistence o..

  • Jaehee Jung Artist

    Jaehee Jung mainly uses electronic products, along with various other objects, as the materials for his creations. He sees electronic products as readily available technology and important objects ..

  • Cho Kyoungjae Artist

    He designs the actual space within the view created through the camera lens to resemble an abstract painting and records the process through taking pictures. Having concentrated on the condition, c..

  • Yunju Park Artist

    Yunju Park is a media artist based in Seoul and Berlin. Park works in 3D modeling, architecture, and video under the theme of Vitality of Objects. Objects acquire vitality through the process of mo..

  • Jongkwan PAIK Artist

    Jongkwan Paik works with experimental video production based on research and archiving. By repeatedly collecting images and sounds encountered in various aspects of daily life and recontextualizing..

  • LEE Jungwoo Artist

    LEE Jungwoo majored in stage design in undergrad, worked as a pre-production designer from 2004 to 2009, and moved to Germany in 2010 where the artist received his diploma in video art and Meisters..

  • Jihye Park Artist

    Jihye park has been exploring psychological traces that cannot be easily defined or classified in the relationship between individuals, groups, and society as a shape. Mainly working on a film that..

  • Youngjoo Cho Artist

    In her works, Cho Youngjoo (b. 1978) unravels practical concerns held by artists—specifically women artists—within sociocultural frames to share her experiences with colleagues and viewers. By inte..

  • Mackerel Safranski Artist

    I start with a dense description of the scene that came to mind intuitively. It can be a text or an image. And the work is formed in a way that lists it sequentially. Those who see my work naturall..

  • Suji Han Artist

    Suji Han is working on a digital space that causes perceptual, chemical, and biological changes attracting space, and she calls it as a Flattened Flat Space. Her works focus on the relationship bet..

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