• Hannah Woo Artist

    Hannah Woo's practice is based on installation art. Depending on the situation the work emphasizes three-dimensional aspects, or on sound. Her interest lies in isolated and overlooked emotions and ..

  • Hyejin Jo Artist
  • Heejoon Lee Artist

    Heejoon Lee pays attention to the aesthetics of design pervading in various locations within the scenery surrounding our lives. He cautiously examines the proportions, balance, and colors of his su..

  • Chanmi Heo Artist

    Using the traditional medium painting, South Korean artist Heo Chan-mi is trying to define what it means to paint and to define the norms associated to it. Using the landscape as the motive of thes..

  • Hun Kyu Kim Artist

    Hun Kyu Kim (b. 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in London, England) crafts poignant allegorical pictures employing an almost limitless range of historical inquiry. Vast..

  • Yezoi Hwang Artist

    Yezoi Hwang was born in Seoul in 1993. Growing up with parents who obsessively collected and recorded things, she was naturally drawn to photography. Hwang is more interested in compelling stories ..

  • Ham Hyekyung Artist

    Ham HyeKyung received her BFA from Kaywon University of Art and Design in 2004 and completed a special program in Media Art at the same university in 2005. Ham has held several solo exhibitions inc..

  • Moonjung Hwang Artist

    Moonjung Hwang received her BFA in Sculpture from Seoul National University College of Fine Arts in 2012 and her MA in Letters in Fine Art Practice from the Glasgow School of Art in the United King..

  • Hur Shan Artist

    Hur Shan majored in Sculpture at Seoul National University and earned his MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in the United Kingdom. After winning his first major art award from the University of..

  • Hong Buhm Artist

    Hong Buhm majored in industrial design at Hongik University and earned his master’s degree from New York School of Visual Arts, where he focused on digital art, photography, and video. He completed..

  • Han Sungwoo Artist

    Han Sungwoo graduated from the School of Art and Design, Korea University, and received a M.F.A. in fine art at Korea National University of Arts. In 2013, Han debuted with his solo exhibition 《Fro..

  • Ho Sangun Artist

    Ho graduated from Hansung University in Seoul with a bachelor’s in painting, and earned a master’s in Western painting in 2012. His solo exhibitions include Things I've Seen, Things You've Seen: HO..

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