• Jinjoo Kim Artist

    Without any fixation on roles or materials, Jinjoo Kim works on creating iridescent questions that reveal her interests in fragmented and surviving images, performativity of language, coexistence o..

  • Bangjoo Kim Artist

    Bangjoo Kim produces works with performance and performative elements. He investigates the border between society and himself, performing mechanical movements imbued with rules to remediate himself..

  • Kim,In-young Artist

    Inyoung Kim pays attention to the state of the image in the conversion process, causing material transformation across media such as painting and printing, sculpture, and installation, as well as o..

  • Hyeyeon Kim Artist

    Hyeyeon Kim is interested in different human relations and social contexts that are involved in forming those relations. She mainly works on performance and video.

  • Dew Kim Artist

    Dew Kim (aka Huh Need-you) explores the meaning of beings excluded and discarded from the world moving towards normality, and the intense impulsive energy generated there. He also visualises the qu..

  • Juree Kim Artist

    Juree Kim is working on shaping the cycle of matter and the temporal experience of staying temporarily in it by capturing the metaphor of life and death that occurs in the process of the interrelat..

  • Yongju Kwon Artist
  • Yisu Kim Artist

    Yisu Kim tries to express a landscape of a dim Inframince floating over the surface of a lake amid fog. Her sentiment is supported by the concept of such Inframince , which is introduced by Marcel ..

  • Kim, hye seon Artist

    Kim, hye seon's works involve traversing. With a large painting knife, she horizontally push and pull lumps of paint in varing consistencies and cleanse her mind. Somewhere in the middle f abstract..

  • Hyojae(Jaede) Kim Artist

    Hyoja(Jaede) Kim is a video artist who considers the transition between a default of human and data from the upcoming era.

  • Hansaem Kim Artist

    Growing up in the popular culture influenced by the opening of Japanese culture in the 1990s, Hansaem Kim practiced how to create images by imitating comics and video games. Through this process, H..

  • Jinhwee, Kim Artist

    Kim Jinhwee's projects are about the intersection of different methods with contradictory features―the coexistence of typical and atypical forms, drawing and its denial, movement and stillness, mar..

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