• Choonghyun Lee Artist

    Choonghyun Lee focuses on the subject of reproduction of sculpture. He is interested in images and objects that ar called sculptural and sculptural things in the contemporary media. He observes the..

  • Changkon Lim Artist

    Changkon Lim wants to find the thing that normally gets hidden and erased. Lim incites the audience to look at "something" trivial, something that doesn't matter whether it exists or not. Lim hopes..

  • Lim Nosik Artist

    LIM Nosik majored in Oriental Painting at Hongik University, Seoul, and achieved an MFA in Fine Arts from Korea National University of Arts, Seoul. The artist works with his personal experiences in..

  • Eusung Lee Artist

    Through sculptural practices, Eusung Lee questions various inventions of the modern and contemporary societies (concept of speed, ego, memory, vertical graph, time, fetish, etc.), while exploring n..

  • Lee Seungtaek Artist

    Seung-taek Lee (b. 1932) is highly regarded as a leader of Korea’s avant-garde via his practice of “non-sculpture” that disrupts conventional artistic notions and questions established political an..

  • Kang Seung Lee Artist

    Kang Seung Lee is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in South Korea and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Lee’s work places emphasis on marginalized individual experiences and personal histo..

  • ByungHo Lee Artist

    ByungHo Lee sculpts 'emptiness' and 'empty substance.' He reasons invisible substance that is not present and cannot be sensed - immaterial beings, and then presents sculpted human body in a tradit..

  • Woolim Lee Artist

    Woolim Lee’s painting, based on elaborate realism, is spiced up with weird situations. Delicately and crisply rendered, the objects much like those captured in photography. Each object, however, is..

  • Miju Lee Artist

    In contrast to the aesthetic associated with hanji, the content of Miju lee’s work is bright and cheerful. Whilst colour is applied to the people, the background and spaces show the characteristics..

  • Lee Byungchan Artist

    Lee Byungchan (b.1987) has consistently paid attention to the ecosystem of capital. Lee’s practice consists of plastic creatures, investigating into fluctuating phenomena caused by capitalistic obs..

  • Jungmin Lee Artist

    Jungmin Lee is a media artist that visualizes the accumulation and blending of multi-spaces in her video artwork. Lee utilizes MS PowerPoint—a computer program commonly used in an office environmen..

  • Ye Seung Lee Artist

    Ye Seung Lee received her BFA and MFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Womans University and completed an MA program in Media Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lee’s paintings have bee..

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