• Song Suhyung Artist

    The subjects and scenes captured in Suhyung Song’s paintings are drawn from her daily encounters. From people like petrified shadows to fleeting landscapes, her work expresses reflection on what it..

  • Soohyeok Shin Artist

    Soohyeok Shin makes structural planes. They seem to be planes, but are abstract spaces with many layers inside. He designs and executes his works as if he constructed a neutral space on the plane, ..

  • Nakhee Sung Artist

    Nakhee Sung creates paintings that are slowly composed and gradually evolved into a particular, multi-layered, spatial structure, using intuitive yet decisively simple brushstrokes.
    From this ..

  • Song Mingyu Artist

    The artist processes, classifies and systematizes the data from the experiences in a landscape, and focuses on ways to visualize screens composed of signs, symbols, and decorations. From 2016 to 20..

  • So minkyung Artist

    So minkyung connect and overlap the images that are processed by their form, and adjust the overlapped distances between the images. She layout and construct the view of the painting with horizonta..

  • SABAK Artist

    Sabak portrays her own impressions based on daily timeline image. She want to pour out a lot of fragmentary visual information that is felt by the senses into a vague landscape. It also claims to b..

  • Minchul Song Artist

    “…It has been Song Minchul’s consistent tendency to imply that, like an arc reminding one of the rest of the arcs, one visible thing is not everything. Moreover, his works are always in between oth..

  • Song Juho Artist

    Song Joho is the director and scenographer for “Diorama Vivant Theatre.” In 2015, Song entered 〈Useful Sufferings〉 into the Archive Platform of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and in ..

  • Song Min Jung Artist

    Song Min Jung earned her BFA from Konkuk University College of Art and Design in 2012. Her work has been shown in several group exhibitions, including 《Goods》 (Sejong Center, Seoul, 2015), 《Seoul B..

  • Fay Shin (Hyun-jung Shin) Artist

    Fay Shin(Hyun-jung Shin) studied animation at the New York School of Visual Art and the Graduate School of Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London. She has participated in many group exhibitions ..

  • Shin Jungkyun Artist

    Born in Seoul, Korea, Shin Jungkyun graduated from Seoul National University with a BFA in Western painting and media art and an MFA in Western painting. His works explore the unique situation of K..

  • Gunwoo Shin Artist

    After graduating from Seoul National University with a bachelor’s in sculpture in 1997, Shin earned a master’s in the same subject there in 2006 and added another master’s in sculpture from Univers..

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