• Dohee Yoo Artist

    My work process is a work process made by combining photography and volume in the process of going from flat work to photography and to volume. When I was studying in France, I took the volume work..

  • Jiyoung Yoon Artist

    In her work, Jiyoung Yoon seeks to reveal the ways in which individuals respond to their given environment and the attitudes they adopt in order to improve their circumstances. At the same time, Yo..

  • Jiwon YANG Artist

    Yang Jiwon’s practice is based on the act of drawing. Through performing familiar actions of drawing and writing, Yang takes interest in the forms of letters. The artist then morphs the form and li..

  • Kalim Yoon Artist

    I've always had an interest in inventing my own devices and to use them in installations, creating the overall atmosphere of the space which based on reinterpretation of surroundings. These things ..

  • Yoon Sang yuel Artist

    “Drawing lines shows horizontal and vertical images but the amplitude of the waves of the invisible irregular emotions that move up and down is huge. The sensitivities of such memories are to be re..

  • Sungfeel Yun Artist
  • Doohyun Yoon Artist

    Doohyun Yoon (b. 1986) received his BFA in Environmental Sculpture from the University of Seoul in 2012. In 2016 He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of art with an MFA in Multidiscipli..

  • Minji Yi Archivist

    Take still/moving images of things seen and unseen. While weighing the difference between things seen, the ‘sight-lag’, Minji Yi occasionally adds text to the photographs. Had solo show 《Ghost Moti..

  • Jiwon Yu Artist

    Jiwon Yu (b. 1983 in South Korea) works on the idea of the « reorganization of the value » through sculptures, installations, videos etc. In particular, by using places, objects or anything that be..

  • Jiyoung Yoo Artist

    Jiyoung Yoo is a South Korean-born artist who is based in London and Seoul. Questioning the conventional conditions of painting, Yoo explores relationships between objects within the system of arra..

  • Yang, Seungwook Artist

    Seungwook Yang has been taking photos with the doubts that I have about his daily life. Yang snapped the scenes of toys, hoarders, his family members’ death, and the local cities on the verge of de..

  • YUN SE YEUL Artist

    YUN SE YEUL talks about ourselves blocked behind the never-stopping bulldozer with the urban scenery on canvas. From the scene of a classical scholar boating with a barrel of drink with the high-ri..

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