• Mackerel Safranski Artist

    I start with a dense description of the scene that came to mind intuitively. It can be a text or an image. And the work is formed in a way that lists it sequentially. Those who see my work naturall..

  • Ye-Eun Min Artist

    Ye-Eun Min’s work begins with the concepts of contradiction, discomfort, disorder, dispersion, dis-sonance, interference and so on which arise from heterogeneous culture. Artworks as entities form ..

  • Moon Isaac Artist

    Isaac Moon is a Seoul based artist. He is interested in how to create things and how to restructure experiences. From the early years, his work style focused on expanding plasticity of materials an..

  • SungHong Min Artist

    SungHong Min’s Work is a spatial installation that visualizes the conditions of contemporary people who now face greater conflicts and concerns as a result of external stimuli and changes. The inst..

  • Sohyun MOON Artist

    "The night is no longer a dark unknown, but it's rather flashy. Why is it no longer a night? What does it mean for fear to retreat and what does the new things that take its place mean?"

  • Minor Adjustment Collective Artist

    Based in Itaewon, Korea, artist Son Hyemin graduated from Kyungwon University with a BFA in painting and from Goldsmiths, University of London, with an MFA in fine art. After earning her master’s d..

  • Andre Maeno Artist

    Andre Maeno, the multimedia installation artist, explores and gives body in current time and space to abstract themes, often impossible to identify or approach, through his installation projects us..

  • Mioon Artist

    Mioon is made up of two artists, Kim Min-seon and Choi Mun-seon. They have held solo exhibitions at places such as Kunstmuseum Bonn (Germany, 2005), Milan Super Studio (2011), and participated in e..

  • Yujin Eugenie Moon Curator

    Majored in Art Studies at Hongik University, Moon has worked in the international market for arts and crafts since receiving her M.A. in 2007 with..

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