• Soyoung Chung Archivist
  • Hyun Mijin Artist

    My work consists of the situation I have created in the exhibition and the reaction of the audience who enters the situation. The interaction that takes place in my work aims to continue the proces..

  • Lee Mijung Artist

    Lee Mijung (b. 1988) transforms her everyday observations of normative values and common aesthetics into pictorial objects. She both reproduces and betrays the contemporary through “stage-scenes” c..

  • Bangjoo Kim Archivist
  • Earl Park Artist

    Based on his personal familiarity with machinery, he explores diverse relationships between the human and the machine, questioning conventional limitations of words such as “machine-like” and “huma..

  • Lee Eunhee Artist

    Born in 1990, South Korea

  • Dohee Yoo Artist

    My work process is a work process made by combining photography and volume in the process of going from flat work to photography and to volume. When I was studying in France, I took the volume work..

  • Hwang sueyon Artist

    Hwang has been taking time to carefully examine and understand the materials she chose, developing her works through a labor-intensive production process. Her interest in the materials and inquisit..

  • Jihyun Jung Artist

    Discarded materials and industrial waste found around the city become Jihyun Jung’s sources of inspiration. From the physical reality of the urban environment, Jung learns the function and movement..

  • Kim,In-young Artist

    Inyoung Kim pays attention to the state of the image in the conversion process, causing material transformation across media such as painting and printing, sculpture, and installation, as well as o..

  • Song Suhyung Artist

    The subjects and scenes captured in Suhyung Song’s paintings are drawn from her daily encounters. From stuffed people like shadows to fleeting landscapes, those works express her reflection on what..

  • Hong Hak-soon Artist

    Hong Hak-soon has been making Tokki book in Tokki language since 1998. The Tokki language (Tokki code) was developed to record a Circle world. (Tokki "토끼" means rabbit in Korean.) As of 2022, the..

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