• CHU Mirim Artist

    Mirim Chu (b. 1982), an observer of urban as well as virtual landscapes, sees the city—where
    development and redevelopment make for never-ending growth—and the web—where
    information is up..

  • Sooryeon Choe Artist

    Choe Sooryeon paints while paying particular attention to the Oriental aspect represented in the contemporary time as well as the way of which it is consumed. On one hand, she partly doubts about t..

  • Jaiyoung Cho Artist

    Jaiyoung Cho's work begins with an interest in the way we cognize. Each person's different ways of cognition create their own reality. This is why the question of how we recognize precedes the ques..

  • Sun Choi Artist

    As a visual artist, I have been interested in how to express the gap between art and reality in the context of contemporary art. Also, it was important for me to work understanding the context of a..

  • Seokwoo Chung Artist

    Based on people’s interest in ‘how the desire mind is expressed in everyday life’, he express the beauty of energy emitted when a being goes toward something through painting. He is interested in t..

  • Soyoung Chung Artist

    Soyoung Chung (born 1979) experiments sculpture by expanding its boundaries through site-specific installation, video and performance.
    Chung’s works are based on her site explorations and rese..

  • Sen Chung Artist

    Born in Jeonju/ Korea 1963. In his painting, expresses the balance between emotional and rational by invisible forces. Through the geometric, abstract elements that quietly float within the square ..

  • Chun Changhwan Artist

    "You can take a step back from your hasty verbal judgements when you trace around the pictures. This is not merely truthful statement with pictures. It can also applied to real life." Chun Changhwa..

  • Hyori Cho Artist

    Hyori Cho captures scenes that exist among unspecified spaces from reality to imagination. Her work which goes back and forth between the two and the three-dimension becomes a theatrical device tha..

  • CHA Young-Seok Artist

    CHA Young-Seok was born in 1976 and currently works and lives in Seoul, South Korea. As one of the most prospected emerging artists in Korea, Cha's work has been exhibited numerous galleries as wel..

  • Heemin Chung Artist

    Heemin CHUNG(b.1987) pays attention to the characteristics of the images produced in the digital environment and culture, and the way of experiencing them. She strives to explore the meaning of pai..

  • Choi Taehoon Artist

    Choi Taehoon received his BFA and MFA in Environmental Sculpture from the University of Seoul (2009 and 2019, respectively). His sculptures have been shown in solo exhibitions, including 《Form Foll..

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