Yuri An

Yuri An studied VAV (Audio Visual) at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2015, An has shown her works at several group and special exhibitions. In 2015, the artist held her first solo exhibition 《The Unharvested Sea》 at Art Space Pool. The artist is scheduled to hold additional shows at different venues including Seoul Art Space Seogyo.

  • Education
    • 2014 VAV(Audio-Visual), Gerrit Rieveld Academie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2016 《River of No Return》, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea
      2015 《The Unharvested Sea》, Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2019 《Moving & Migration》, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea
      2018 《How little you know about me》, MMCA Seoul, Korea
      2017 《Neo Geography 1》, CAN(Centre d'art Neuchatel), Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Residencies
      2018 MMCA Goyang Residency, Goyang, Korea
      2015 Emerging Artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
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〈Potemkin Study 2. From Berlin to Tumen : The Way to the Origin of a Million Rivers〉, 2019, Single channel video, 11min 35sec. Image Courtesy Artist

〈Rogue Stars〉, 2018, 3-channel video projection, 16min 16sec. Image Courtesy Artist

〈The Uhnarvested Sea〉, 2015 Single channel video, 9min. Image Courtesy Artist

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