Kim Donghee

Kim Donghee majored in printing at Hongik University. While an undergraduate student, he started Free Home Project using an abandoned space within the campus, which led to collaborations with various fellow artists in re-engaging spaces that have lost their original functionality, receiving much attention from the art scene. Through House of Dispersed Layers in 2014, Opera Coast in 2015, Open Studio in 2017, and 3 Volumes in 2017, Kim is continuously building his unique line of work by creating eclectic spaces.

  • Education
    • BFA, Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2017 3 Volumes, Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, Korea
      2014 House of Dispersed Layers, Vacant space, Garage, Under Wow bridge, Emergency stairs, Free Home project, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2018 Phantom Arm, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
      2018 Point Counter Point, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea
      2015 Dungeons, CC101, Space 413, Open Circuit, Seoul, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • 2017 Seoul Art Space Residency Geumcheon
      2015 Goyang Residency of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
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〈3 Volumes〉, rust-proof pipe, waterproof wood, urethane paint, mirror, stainless steel, 119.7m2, Space Installation, 2017

〈Volume type 1, 2〉, mirror, aluminum frame, carpet, chair, stainless steel pipe, Space Installation, 2018

〈Orbit, Move/Copy〉, white MDF, 830cm x 1350cm, 2018

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