Im YoungZoo

Im YoungZoo’s videos, paintings and books connect themes from superstition and religion with various signs from contemporary life, related to language, media and science. Her solo exhibitions include 《Gristle and Synovial Fluid》 (Doosan Gallery, 2018), 《Look, Here Begins the Omega》 (Sansu Munhwa, Seoul, 2017) and 《THEWESTERLIESWINDCOMESANDGOES》 (Space O’Newwall, Seoul, 2016). Im has also participated in several group exhibitions such as 《Tastes of Weather》 (Seoul Museum of Art Nam-Seoul, 2018), 《Divided We Stand》 (Busan Biennale, 2018), 《Abstraction》 (Hapjungjigu, Seoul, 2017), 《DOOSAN Art Lab 2017》 (DOOSAN Gallery, Seoul, 2017), 《Ignition Point》 (Insa Art Space, Seoul, 2017) and 《do it 2017, Seoul》 (Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, 2017).

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