Hannah Woo

Hannah Woo’s work has been consistently focused on urban life. She earned her BFA from the School of Visual Arts at Korea National University of Arts, where she went on to complete an MA program. Her 3D installation art brings together videos and music. Her first solo exhibition 《CITY UNITS》 was held in 2016, at her own studio on Euljiro (street) in Seoul. In 2018, she held her second solo exhibition 《Swinging》. In 2017, Woo participated in a series of group exhibitions such as 《Lotus Land》(Asia Culture Center, Gwangju) and 《2x2 part 1_The revenge, It's ma power, Huh!》 (Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul). Team Sandpapers (2017), the young artist collective of which she is a member, was the recipient of the First Art Support grant (2018).

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