Moonjung Hwang

Moonjung Hwang received her BFA in Sculpture from Seoul National University College of Fine Arts in 2012 and her MA in Letters in Fine Art Practice from the Glasgow School of Art in the United Kingdom in 2014. She has held three solo exhibitions, including 《Intervention: Brief Encounters》 (Gallery Pavilion, Glasgow, UK, 2015) and 《Non-Affection for the City》 (SongEun Art Cube, Seoul, 2018). Hwang has also participated in several groups exhibitions, including 《HUMAN: SCALE》 (Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes, UK, 2015) and 《Project 284 : Clock of Time Traveler》 (Cluture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea 2017). Eager to get new ideas and inspiration from different places around the world, Hwang has participated in many art residency programs in various countries, including the House for an Art Lover Airborne Residency (Glasgow, UK, 2015) and the Delfina Residency (London, UK, 2019).

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