Jeongsoo Lim

Jeongsoo Lim’s installation, performance and video works deal with surfaces emerging from the relationship between body movement and objects, rendered as series of scenes. She is a MFA candidate at Korea National University of Arts. She has participated in various residency programs abroad, including Kunstort ELEVEN (Germany, 2018), NCCA (Russia, 2018), ARE Holland (Netherlands, 2017) and BitamineFaktoria (Spain, 2016). Her work has been shown in a string of group exhibitions, including 《Paintings and Sculptures》 (Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, 2018) and 《Love Story》 (Amado Art, Seoul, 2017). In 2017, Lim held her first solo exhibition 《Wall, Ground, Atmosphere》 under the sponsorship of the Kim Chong Young Art museum.

  • Education
    • 2019 M.F.A. Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019 《Station and Station》 2/W + Weekend, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Frame》 NCCA Art Residence Kronstadt ,Saint-Petersburg, Russia
      2017 《Wall, Ground, Atmosphere》 Kim Chong Young Museum ,Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2019 《Red Sofa》 Kunstmuseum Reutlingen,Reutlingen, Germany
      2019 《ANIMA MUNDI》 Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, Italy
      2018 《Tools for Fiction: Active Archive for Artist’s Publishing》 Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Paintings and Sculptures》 Audio visual pavilion, Seoul, Korea
      2017 《Traversing Boundaries》 Korean Cultural Center of New York, New York, US
      2017 《Love Story》 Amado Art Space, Seoul, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Residencies
      2018 NCCA Art Residence Kronstadt, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
      2018 Kunstort ELEVEN Art space, Starzach, Germany
      2017 ARE Holland, Enschede, Netherlands
      2016 Bitamine Faktoria, Basque Country, Spain

      2017 AUO Artists, Seoul National University & Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul, Korea
      2017 2017 Creative young artists, Kim Chong Young Museum, Seoul, Korea
      2016 Drawing for pray1 〈sticker Collages, 25*35cm, 2014〉 Yangju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
      2015 ILHYUN TRAVEL GRANT, ilhyunmuseum, Yangyang, Korea
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〈Skins〉, 2019, Cloth, wood, Variable installation. Image Courtesy Artist

〈10 of stage, 10 of station〉, 2019, Wood, fabric, paper, Installation. Image Courtesy Artist

〈Someone who Speaks, Hears and Looks at the Image〉, 2018, Mixed media, Installation. Image Courtesy Artist

〈Background background〉, 2017, Wood, fabric, steel, Installation. Image Courtesy Artist

〈Decoration Number〉, 2017, Furniture, paper, body, single channel video, 9’ 5". Image Courtesy Artist

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