Sungsil Ryu

Sungsil Ryu is a MFA candidate in Sculpture at Seoul National University from which she received a BFA in 2018. Her video work 〈BJ Cherry Jang 2018. 09〉, published on the Vimeo, was viewed 23K times and was reported in various media outlets. Ryu held her first solo exhibition in 2019, at Post Territory Ujeongguk. Her work has otherwise been shown in a string of group exhibitions at Hapjungjigu (2018), the Ilmin Museum of Art (2018), Seoul Museum of Art Buk-Seoul (2018), Nam June Paik Art Center (2019) and Artspace Boan (2019). Ryu participated in the collaborative exhibition 《Sungsil Ryu X eobchae》. Ryu was the recipient of the First Art Grant by the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture (2018) and the Young Artist Collective Grant by the same foundation (artist collective “Damogaek,” 2019).

  • Education
    • 2018 MFA, Seoul National University (Sculpture), Seoul, South Korea (Attending MFA program since 2018)
      2018 BFA, Seoul National University (Sculpture), Seoul, South Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019 《BigKing Travel Ching-Chen Tour》, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2019 《Psychedelic Nature》, ART SPACE BOAN, Korea
      2019 《CHERRY-GO-ROUND》, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea (Sungsil Ryu X Eobchae)
      2018 《NEWS, DEAR MR. RIPLEY》, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art (Sungsil Ryu X Eobchae), Korea
      2018 《PERFORM 2019》, Ilmin Museum of Art, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Awards
      2020 SFAC Art support program, Seoul foundation for Art and Culture (SFAC)
      2019 Seoul Youth Arts Group, Seoul foundation for Art and Culture (SFAC) (DAMOGAEK)
      2018 First Art Support Program, Seoul foundation for Art and Culture (SFAC)
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〈BigKing Travel Ching Chen Tour - Mr. Kim’s Revival 2019〉, 2019, Single channel video, 25min. Image Courtesy Artist

〈I’m Not Dead!〉, 2019, Motor, mixed media, 150X200X280cm. Image Courtesy Artist

〈Goodbye Cherry Jang〉, 2019, Video and OBS based performance, 30min. Image Courtesy Artist

〈BJ Cherry Jang 2018.9〉, 2018, Single channel video, 11min. Image Courtesy Artist

〈BigKing Travel -Series of victorious Return〉, 2017, Digital print, 30.5X42cm. Image Courtesy Artist

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