Song Juho

Song Joho is the director and scenographer for “Diorama Vivant Theatre.” In 2015, Song entered 〈Useful Sufferings〉 into the Archive Platform of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and in 2016, showcased 〈Cheering Cells〉 as part of the Choreography Lab program also by the same dance company. In 2017, 〈Performance History〉, directed and scenographed by Song, received the top prize from the Platform-L Live Arts Program, which provided funding for the follow-up project 〈Skaters on Frozen Canal〉. He established the “Diorama Vivant Theatre” also in 2017, for which he is the director and scenographer. In 2018, Song staged 〈Forbidden Plan〉, selected for MAP (Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture’s emerging artist sponsorship program), and 〈Before It Turns Whiteout〉, produced jointly with the Namsan Arts Center’s Searchlight. In 2019, Song put on stage 〈Coffin Club〉, a production sponsored by Incheon Art Platform, and Nuit Beau Roman. In 2020, he was selected as an artist-in-residence by the Kyoto Art Center for the performing arts residency program.

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