Miju Lee

In contrast to the aesthetic associated with hanji, the content of Miju lee’s work is bright and cheerful. Whilst colour is applied to the people, the background and spaces show the characteristics of the materials themselves and the evidence of the work process as they are. The traces of time and the working process are deliberately left without being cleaned up.
Thus the depth and temporality of the work which distinguish the artist are expressed.

  • Education
    • 2011 Creative Illustration, EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona, Spain
      2006 B.F.A Industrial Design Hongik University, Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019 《Draw Lucid Things》, yeemock Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Secret Garden》, Bongsan Art center, Daegu, Korea
      2018 《Miju Lee´s Group exhibition》, Gallery Meme, Seoul, Korea
      2017 《Art Plage: Summer diary》, Lotte gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2015 《Glimpse》, Miboo Art Center, Busan, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2020 《Coto Placismo》, Cerquone project, Madrid, Spain
      2019 《Happy Lab》, Jungrang Art Center, Seoul, Korea
      2019 《Eco Ico》, Gyeoungju Art Center, Gyeoungju, Korea
      2018 《Guam-Arts wave》, Lotte gallery(YDP), Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Memory Theater ? Collecting and Assembling》, Busan museum of Art, Busan, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Residencies
      2018 Art District-P, Busan, Korea
      2017 Moha Art studio, Ulsan, Korea
      2016 Ceramic Creative Center, Clayarch museum, Gimhae, Korea

      Government Art Bank, Korea
  • Link

〈Studio〉, 2019, Color pencil on paper, 70x100cm, MMCA Art Bank. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Self-reflexion〉, 2020, Color pencil, oil pastel on paper, 70x100cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Exterior diary〉, 2016, Color pencil on paper, 50x71cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Chica con peluche〉, 2018, Mixed media on canvas. 61x72cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈El rezo〉, 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 61x72cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

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