Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim (b. 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in London, England) crafts poignant allegorical pictures employing an almost limitless range of historical inquiry. Vast intricate narrative universes laced with intense imagination reflect upon a post-globalized world grabbling with the effects of technological neoliberalism. Deep hierarchical structures, extreme belief systems and polemics are on full display through detailed narratives often driven by a mosaic of anthropomorphic proxies. An ostensibly fantastical world grounded in the realities of the contemporary condition, Kim’s work functions as an anomaly of sorts, that which is simultaneously illustrative and emblematic, detailed and diagnostic, cute and critical. Recent solo exhibitions include: E-Werk Museum, Freiberg, Germany, The Approach, London, England, White Conduit Project, London, England, Square Gallery, London, England, Hockney Gallery, London, England. Group exhibitions include: HIX Art, London, England, Nunnery Gallery, London, England, The Cello Factory, London, England, Crypt Gallery, London, England, Milena White House, London, England, Rum factory Bow Art, London, England.

  • Education
    • MA of Painting in Royal College of Art
      BA of Oriental painting in Seoul National University
      BA of Aesthetics in Seoul National University
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019, High Art, Paris, France

      2018 , The Approach Gallery, London, UK
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021
      환상 속의 그대, High Art X VSF, Seoul, South Korea

      EGRESS,High Art, Paris, France

      Korean Eye, Saatchi Gallery, London, England

      Hun Kyu Kim / Sven Johne, E-Werk, Freiberg, Germany

      Painting Now, HIX Art, London, England
      Invitation to the Rave, Nunnery Gallery, London, England

      The Solo Award, The Cello Factory, London, England
      Under the see, Crypt Gallery, London, England
      Artrooms, Milena White House, London, England

      Rejected, Rum factory Bow Art, London, England
      Myth & Lore, Styx Gallery, London, England
      Hix Award, CNB Gallery, London, England
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • 2018
      Radical Residency, Unit1 Gallery, London, UK
  • Related Articles
    • 2017 Chadwell Award
      2017 Griffin Art Prize
      2017 Art Gemini Prize
      2017 Solo Award
      2016 HIX award
      2016 Contemporary British Artist(CBA)
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〈Retrospective Lake〉, Pigment on Silk, 135X100 cm, 2021

〈Bubble Wrap room〉, Pigment on Silk, 38X42cm, 2020

〈Fake Dragon〉, Pigment on Silk, 135X100cm, 2020

〈Funeral on the beach〉, Pigment on Silk, 130X95cm, 2020

〈Gallery of Chimps〉, Pigment on Silk, 135X100cm, 2020

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