Hansaem Kim

Growing up in the popular culture influenced by the opening of Japanese culture in the 1990s, Hansaem Kim practiced how to create images by imitating comics and video games. Through this process, He learned pixel graphics which are mainly used in line drawing techniques and video games, and naturally became to cover the medieval fantasy narratives encountered in the media.
To actively incorporate these creating methods into the work, He first created video games and drew digital illustrations. The image he dealt with felt weak in material sense and he decided to study a way to empower the materiality to such images. Throughout this process, he was interested in the materiality that came from the ornaments of medieval religious art, and took a hint from it and started working on the frame as an image-support.

  • Education
    • M.F.A, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
      B.F.A, Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2020 《Dragon's FFire>>, Tastehouse, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《FORBIDDEN ALCHEMY>>, Artspace Hyeong, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 《Illegible Map》, Art Space 3, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《SUPERHERO》, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《Journey of Eternity》, SeMA Bunker, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《Can Game Detour?》, PXTND, Web (online)
      2019 《Opium Dive》, Dimension Variable Space, Seoul, Korea
      2019 《PERFORM2019:Linkin Out》, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
      2019 《ACC Youth Club》, ACC, Gwangju, Korea
      2018 《Tasete View》, Tastehouse, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Winter Club》, Culture Station Seoul 284 ,Seoul, Korea

  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Awards
      5th BNK Busan Bank 2020 New Artist Award, 1st prize, Korea

      MMCA Art Bank
      BNK Busan Bank

〈Song of Love〉, 2021, Mixed Media, 66×77×0.5cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Castle of Demon〉, 2021, Mixed Media, 79×75×3cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈The Green Dragon〉, 2020, Mixed Media, 177×210×5cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈The Healer〉, 2019, Mixed Media, 104×93×1.5cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Encounteringof Spirit and Soul〉, 2018, Mixed Media, 177×120×0.6cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

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