Minji Yi

Take still/moving images of things seen and unseen. While weighing the difference between things seen, the ‘sight-lag’, Minji Yi occasionally adds text to the photographs. Had solo show 《Ghost Motion》 (Gallery Chosun, Seoul, 2021) and 《Sight-lag》 (Hapjungjigu, Seoul, 2018) and published photo book 『To bury the dog properly』 (Aprilsnow press, 2019). Took part in various group shows such as 《Fathomless》 (Space Onsu, Seoul, 2021), 《Live Forever》 (Hite Collection, Seoul, 2019), special exhibition of Seoul Photo Festival 2018 《Walking, Jumping, Speaking, Writing》 (SeMA Storage, Seoul, 2018) and participated in project team 《The Scrap》 in 2016.

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2021 《Ghost Motion》, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Sight-lag》, Hapjungjigu, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 《Fathomless》, Space Onsu, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《Why not knowing, Why not remembering》, Art space Pool, Seoul, Korea
      2019 《Live Forever》, Hite Collection, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Walking, Jumping, Speaking, Writing》, SeMA Storage, Seoul, Korea
      2017 《Happy Diary》, Seohakdong Gallery, Jeonju, Korea
      2016 《THE SCRAP》, Wangsanro 9Gil 24, Seoul, Korea
      2016 《Archive:Singapore Int. Photo Festival》, DECK, Singapore
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Collections
      2020 Seoul Metropolitan Government

〈light volume〉, 2016, Digital pigment print, 70x50cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈sight-lag, 63°31′55.55′′N 19°30′40.39′′W〉, 2017, Digital pigment print, 122x100cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈sight-lag, 65°48′13.59′′N 22°16′20.44′′W〉, 2017, Digital pigment print, 85x65cm, Seoul Metropolitan Government. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈sight-lag, 59°17′13.36′′N 10°29′59.67′′E〉, 2017, Digital pigment print, 85x65cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Hugging〉, 2020, 2 Channel video, Sound, Color, 18’ 9’’. Image Courtesy of the Artist

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