Hyunsun Jeon

The world around us appears differently depending on the perspective and point of view. Hyunsun Jeon have been observing the subject which is unfixed and constantly changing. Since the information gained from the observation is partial and fragmentary, however, Jeon continually tries to reach the real appearance of the object by filling the gap between unclear details with curiosity and imagination. Nevertheless, the judgment on the subject is deferred and only vague speculation is predominant due to its uncertainty. Hyunsun chooses painting as a medium for documenting imprecise status frankly and put repeated questions on the canvas with multi-level and multi-faceted expressions.

  • Education
    • 2018 MFA Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
      2014 BFA Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2020 《From Fig to Cone》, Gallery2. Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Black Green Mouth》, Gallery2, Seoul, Korea
      2018 《Parallel Paths》, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea
      2017 《Forests and Swamps》, Weekend, Seoul, Korea
      2015 《The Cone and Conversations》, Place MAK, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 《There Were P In Pictures》, d/p, Seoul, Korea
      2021 《Dancing Casper》, SAGA, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《Park Noh-wan, Jeon Hyunsun》, Willing N Dealing, Seoul, Korea
      2020 《The 20th SongEun Art Award Exhibition》, SongEun Art Space, Seoul, Korea
      2019 《The adventures of Korean painting: I will go away all by myself》, MMCA Cheongju, Korea
      2018 《BOTANICA》, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
      2018 《Of Nature》, Suwon I Park Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea
      2016 《Scatter Gather》, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
      2015 《Doosan Art Lap 2015》, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2014 《Today’s Salon》, Common Center, Seoul, Korea
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Awards
      2020 20th SongEun Art Award Excellence Prize, SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation
      2017 ChongKunDang Fine Arts Prize 2017
      2015 37th Joongang Fine art Prize, Joongang Ilbo
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〈From Green to White〉, 2020, watercolor on canvas, 180x110cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Objects in the Darkness〉, 2020, watercolor on canvas, 140x180cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

〈Green Face〉, 2018, watercolor on canvas, 162.2x130.3cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist

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