Seokwoo Chung

Based on people’s interest in ‘how the desire mind is expressed in everyday life’, he express the beauty of energy emitted when a being goes toward something through painting. He is interested in the flow of consciousness formed in causal relationships and the culture of origin permeated into common sense. He has a religious nuance in my work and am inspired by the fundamental cultures of various religions.

  • Education
    • 2010 M.F.A Painting College of Fine Art, Kook-min University, Seoul
      2006 B.F.A Painting College of Fine Art, Kook-min University, Seoul
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2020 《SeosangWoohwa》, galley Bank, Seoul
      2020 《watchtower》, Yangpyeong art museum, Yangpyeong
      2019 《Hebedang》, gallery Dos, Seoul
      2017 《From deer to leopard》, spacesun+, Seoul
      2016 《Eye to see the ridge》, collabomarket, Seoul
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 《Trajectories》, Schema art museum, Cheongju
      2021 《be builiding up, be broken up》, galley IN, Seoul
      2020 《Ambiguous murmur, but a shining microcosm》, Danwon art museum, Ansan
      2020 《a three_legged angle》, artreon, Seoul
      2019 《Evolving art language_painting》, Cheongseok gallery, Cheongju
      2018 《The Sideways Glance》, Samyook bldg, Seoul
      2018 《On th void》, gallery Choi, Seoul
      2018 《Abstract is verb》, Artertain, Seoul
      2017 《Brush Strokes》, gallery palais de seoul, Seoul
      2017 《Self-Propelled Wheel》, KSD gallery, Seoul
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • 2011-2013 Studio Residency, Kumho Art Studio, Icheon

      2020 Gyeonggi Art Creation Support for Artistm Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
      2020 Grant by Arts Council Korea for international residency participation
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〈project 'habitat' 2019 / Reverse〉 ,2019 , oil on canvas , 148 x 148cm

〈project 'habitat' Hebedang 2019 / Universe〉 , 2008 , oil on canvas , 387.8 x 781.8cm

〈project 'habitat' 2019 / upliftwind#2〉 , 2018 , oil on canvas, 200 x 145cm

〈project 'habitat' 2018 / Eye to see the ridge〉 , 2016 , oil on canvas , 145 x 200cm

〈project 'habitat' 2018 / From deer to leopard#2 〉, 2017 , oil on canvas , 200 x 145cm

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