Eunu Lee

  • Education
    • 2008 MFA in Fine Art, School of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
      2005 BFA in Fine Art, School of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2021 “Rolling and Rolling”, The Great Collection, Seoul
      2021 “Pairs”, SongEun Art Space, Seoul
      2015 “Tall, Flat, Hung”, Art Sonje Project Space, Seoul
      2014 “The Manner of Objects”, Gallery Factory, Seoul
      2009 “Event Horizon”, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 SongEun Art Space Opening Exihibition, SongEun Art Space, Seoul
      BGA 2nd Compilation, BGA Maru, Seoul
      BGA Showroom: Part 1 & 2, BGA Maru, Seoul
      “Binge-Watching”, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea
      2020 “Welcome Back”, Space Isu, Seoul
      2019 “After Primary Structure”, Sueno 339, Seoul
      2018 “The Expanded Manual”, Nam Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
      “Minimal Variation”, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul
      “Salon de Nook Gallery”, Nook Gallery, Seoul
      “illusion”, AMC Lab, Seoul
      2017 “25.7”, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
      “Sense of Rhythm”, Wooran Foundation Seeya the Project Box, Seoul
      “Intuition 2017”, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
      “APMAP 2017”, Osulloc Tea Museum, Jeju, Korea
      “Family Report”, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan
      “Accidentally, the Night Again”, Wumin Art Center, Cheongju, Korea
      “2016 Selected Works from New Acquisitions”, SeMA Living Arts Museum, Seoul
      2016 “SongEun Art Prize”, SongEun Art Space, Seoul
      “No Longer Objects”, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
      “74cm”, Nook Gallery, Seoul
      2015 “Klingsor’s Last Summer”, Hite Collection, Seoul
      “The Londer’s Guide”, Common Center, Seoul
      “Grass is Springing”, Art Space Pool, Seoul
      “Time Show”, NTT CCA Residencies studio, Singapore
      2014 “The Shade of Moon”, Changwon Sculpture Biennale, Changwon
      “The Republic of Apartments”, Seoul Museum of History, Seoul
      2013 “Suitable Forms”, Common Center, Seoul
      “Guts and cooperation”, Studio Hong & Kim, Seoul
      “Open Studio”, Seoul Art Space_Geumchon, Seoul
      “Traces”, Seoul Art Space_Geumchon, Seoul
      “A House Yet Unknown”, Art Space Pool, Seoul
      2012 “Unfinished Journey”, CAIS Gallery, Seoul
      “Play Time”, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
      “Open Index”, Art Sonje Center Lounge, Seoul
      2011 “Map of Thought”, K-arts Exhibition Space, Seoul
      “Buy One Get One Free”, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul
      ? “EMAP 2011: The Techne-Space”, Ewha Women University, Seoul
      “Uncountable Collection”, Sangsangmadang Gallery, Seoul
      2010 “Milk & Honey”, K-arts Exhibition Space, Seoul
      “Dual Mirage Part 2 / Tourists Dream”, Iniva, London, UK
      “Intuition”, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
      2009 “Novel 01: in search of Junho Lee”, Takeout Drawing, Seoul
      ? “Que Sera Sera”, the room (Total Museum of Contemporary Art), Seoul
      2008 “Everyday is not the Same”, Gallery 175, Seoul
      “Everyday is not the Same”, Biz-art Center, Shanghai, China
      “Society for Artistic Publication”, Gallery Factory, Seoul
      “Everyday Art”, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
      2007 “Makto Iyagi”, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
      “People Don’t Even Know What They Have in Their house”, Gallery 175, Seoul
      2006 “Somewhere in Time”, Art Sonje Center, Seoul
      “Deceive”, Gallery 175, Seoul
      2005 “The Story of Love House”, Supplement Space Stone and Water, Anyang, Korea
      “Suksoo Art Project”, Supplement Space Stone and Water, Anyang
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • 2015 Grey Projects, Singapore
      2013 Bundanon Trust, North Nowra, Australia
      2012 Seoul Art Space_Hongeun, Seoul, Korea
      2012 Seoul Art Space_Geumchon, Seoul, Korea
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<이것 저것 (This and That That and This)> 2020, Mixed media, Dimensions variable

<탁자 (Table)> 2017~2021, Douglas fir, 40x120x60cm

<아저씨 (Ajeossi)> 2021, African cherry, 50x83x50cm

<나 (Me)> 2020~, Knitting yarn, 40cm in diameter

<오뚝이 (Rolypoly)>, 2018, Polyester resin, fiber glass, urethane paint, 60x60x55cm each; 3 pieces

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