Boram Lim

Over her long career as a curator, Lim has planned a number of independent projects and exhibits such as Everyday Is Not the Same (2008) in Shanghai; Director’s Cut (2008) in Seoul; Yeomiji Art Project (2009) in Jeju; O’NewWall Mayfest (2013) in Seoul; Site Explorers (2013) in Kumamoto, Japan; Yurang (流浪): Site Explorers (2015) in Seoul; The Traveling Artists Project (2015) in Seoul, Gangneung and Gunsan; the Korean-Japanese video art project Echography (2016) in Kyoto; APAP5 Open Theater MeMeme (2016) in Anyang; and Audiovisual (Film) Critique (2017) in Seoul. Her arts space Plan B Project Space opened in Seoul in 2017, and Lim is active in a variety of work from international video art projects to planning exhibits on architecture, film and visual arts, critique and publishing.

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