Yujin Eugenie Moon

Majored in Art Studies at Hongik University, Moon has worked in the international market for arts and crafts since receiving her M.A. in 2007 with her thesis “Cyborg Body Images in the Posthuman Era: Focusing on Orlan and Stelarc.” As curator of the World Ceramic Biennale Korea (2008-11) and executive curator of the Icheon Ceramics Festival (2013), she has handled numerous international projects aiming to incorporate the aesthetic experience into ordinary life, examining inter-exchanges of art practices in diverse genres embracing arts, crafts, music and food. Among the events were the Clay Art Film Festival (2009), World Ceramic Art Jamboree (2009), Postmodern Ceramics (2009), Croisements vers la communication (2010, Paris), Mille et un bols (co-curated with Dialogue Céramique, 2010), 10 Days—International Creation Camps (2011), Migration of Creation (2011), Buncheong Seminar (2011, Geneva), Lake Sound Performance (2013) and Tasteful Dishes & Tasty Dishes (2013). She has also led collectives of artists in serial projects such as Café au Bol (2014–15) and the Doreuldakda Project (2014–16). Moon’s latest venture is Project Hope? (2016–18, Kyoto and Seoul), an experimental work with young Japanese and Korean artists and musicians examining the role of arts in an era of insecurity. She has translated numerous academic essays for public cultural institutions and co-translated Glenn Adamson’s books Thinking Through Craft (2016) and The Invention of Craft (2017). She is also the author of Dialogue and Becoming (2011).
Moon has worked at several public institutions including the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju and Korea Ceramic Foundation in Icheon. She is also co-founder of a curatorial agency The Written Hands.
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