Dohee Yoo

My work process is a work process made by combining photography and volume in the process of going from flat work to photography and to volume. When I was studying in France, I took the volume work I made in a sculpture class, put it in an appropriate space, and captured it with a camera. Based on Land Art, this work is a momentary capture of the form of instantaneous sculpture (Installation ehpemere) as a tool of photography by using an artificial material, a rubber plate, in the natural space of the earth, where nature meets artificial. I worked to capture the inner abstract gestures of human beings that change in nature through objects in photographs.

  • Education
    • 2003 Master’s degree in Formative Arts, University of Paris VIII, France
      2000 Bachelor’s degree in Formative Arts, University of Paris VIII, France
      1999 DNSEP ( Dipome Nationale Superieur d’Expression Plastique) Fine Art College of Rouen, France
      1998 ERSMUS Exchange Student Karlsrushe University of Arts and Design Germany
      1997 DNAP ( Dipome Nationale Arts Plastiques) Fine Art College of Le Havre, France
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2022 Draw on the water, Gallery Lotte, Ilsan, Korea
      2017 Draw on the water, Gallery LJA, Seoul, Korea
      2014 Landscape, The K gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2014 Explore the world of literature and art, Seoul Art Center, Korea
      2009 Anchor my hope, gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2022 Emotion and the 4 Elements, KFFA Gallery Choi
      2022 Some Walk ; Space and Time, Artseum gallery, Jinju, Gyeongnam
      2021 Off-Site, Sema Nanji Residency
      2020 One Sept One View, SeoWoo Gallery, Seoul
      2019 Adam and Eve, Seowoo Gallery, Seoul
      Spread in Heaven, Samtan Art Mine, Gangwon-do, Korea
      Memorie,Harmony,Passion, Yeosu International Art Festival, Expo Convention Center, Yeosu, Korea
      2014 Ile de France, KimBoSung Art center, Seoul
      2013 The marche of Kongjwi and Patjwi, Ami Art Museum, Dang-jin, Chungnam, Korea
      2012 Triangle, Palais de Seoul, Exhibition of Seoul Arts Association, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Residencies
      2021.2.1~2022.1.30 Sema Nanji Residency

      2020 Seoul Museum Of Art
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Untitled(at Rouen), 2003, Rubber, Gelatin SilverPrint, 150x98.5cm,141x92.3cm, SeoulArt Museum. Courtesy of the artist.

Lost road, 2014, Rubber, C-Print, 78x120cm, ed1/3. Courtesy of the artist.

Untitled(at Seolleung), 2013, Rubber, C-Print, 77.3x116cm, ed1/3. Courtesy of the artist.

Untitled(at Yeonchen), 2017, Rubber, C-Print, 100x83cm, ed1/3. Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition view of Landscape, 2014, The K Gallery. Courtesy of the artist.

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