Sunyoung Oh

About curator and the project 7 1/2

Independent curator Sunyoung Oh explores the interaction of contemporary art and society and art’s role in society. She has directed the project 7 1/2 since 2014.

“This project plans the research and study of the efforts of artists that made the artistic experience, their life experiences and anthropological unconsciousness into a method to delicately understand all of this. Anthropological Exploration of Art and Unconsciousness was processed. The relationship between unconsciousness and art is vital. We tried to move forward to a more open and developed space the construction of unconsciousness tied to Freud and Lacan. 7 1/2 focuses on ‘senses’ that progress through artwork. Here we pay attention to ‘the issue of the standpoint’ of the artistic experience that can be sensibly achieved. We tried to criticize existing standpoints and bring about a ‘standpoint move’ through bumping in newly adopted standpoints. In other words, we pay attention to the pre-recognition stage or senses of the artistic precognition state and artworks that produce various standpoints made in the intuition stage. We also aim to study how these senses spread within a capitalistic society or art institution and in what type of art it coexisted with. In other words, 7 1/2 integrates delicate ‘senses’ shown through works of art, and finds and suggests as many standpoints through experiencing art. These standpoints will be shown through a sensitized experimental artistic union not easily consumed through discussion and knowledge. ‘Senses’ refer to extremely strong senses such as the clinking sounds of metal that is unexplored, pre-linguistic unable to return to its prior state.”

Oh’s curation credits include Functional Dissonance (54 Mullae-dong 3-ga, 2014), Co-existence (2nd Amado Annualnalle, Amado Art Space, 2014), There Is No Beer in Hawaii (artclub1563, Seoul , 2012), Dancing to the Rhyme (Kumho Museum of Art, 2011), Dtang, the Mud Said (National Theater Company of Korea, 2011), My Story – Listen to the Story: Relations and the Subconscious (Gallery Shilla, 2010), I’m Missing Someone But Don’t know Who That Someone Is (Kahui-dong Hanok, 2009), Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Platform 2009, P3, Old Defense Security Command Site, 2009), One Man Theater (Sungkyun Gallery, 2009), Harmony Lip-Sync Project II (Sungkyun Gallery, 2009) and Studio Base Project (Site-Specific Project, Mullae-dong, 2009).

Oh was an international associate curator for the International Ceramic Symposium of GICB2015 at the Korean Ceramic Foundation and a researcher for the task force team of Suwon I’Park Museum. She was the co-director of Artist Pension Trust Beijing (2008–12), chief curator of artclub1563 (2012), associate curator of the National Theater Company of Korea for The Whales - Time Diver (2011). And her diverse working experience in the international contemporary art includes stints with Jinnie Seo’s STORM at the National Museum of Singapore as project manager (2008); the second Anyang Public Art Project (2007); project manager for Lawrence Weiner, Dan Graham, Yayoi Kusama and Mai-Thu Perret and Anyang Public Art Project PR; Busan Biennale 2006 (2005–06); coordinator for A Tale of Two Cities, CAFE1 (Venue: Busan Museum of Art) and project fundraising,; Korean Pavilion of the 51st Venice Biennale, assistant to the commissioner, Sunjung Kim (2004–05); Artsonje Center (2002–04); assistant curator for PR and marketing for the fourth Gwangju Biennale (2001–02); and coordinator of PAUSE, Project 1 (Artistic Director: Sung Wan Kyung, Co-curators: Charles Escher and Hou Hanru).

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