Hyun Mijin

My work consists of the situation I have created in the exhibition and the reaction of the audience who enters the situation. The interaction that takes place in my work aims to continue the process of interaction and other situations resulting from it, so that the exhibition proceeds centered on the audience rather than the artwork.

  • Education
    • 2003/2009
      Hong-ik University, Bachelor Painting & Art study , Seoul, Korea
      HBK Braunschweg, Diplom FineArts, Germany
      HBK Braunschweig bei Prof. Ulrich Eller, Meisterschuler, Germany
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions
    • 2021 "A portrait of her", The Reference, 11. Nov - 21.Nov, Seoul, Korea
      2018 "Double Collision", Turba galerie, 31. Aug - 7.Sep, Hannover, DE
      2018 "Intervention", City gallery of Kunstverein Wolfsburg, DE
      2017 "Double Collision", HBK Braunschweig, DE
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    • 2021 "갑자기 어느 날 Out of the Blue", MMCA Goyang Residency, Korea
      2020 "Too much power (Too little power)", Kunstverein Schloss Wolfsburg, Germany
      2020 "Horproben", Kunstraum Tosterglope, Germany
      2019 "Im Zentrum der Peripherie" Groupshow of Scholarship holders from 2017 and 2018, Schloss Pluschow, Germany
      2019 Openstudio, Centro Negra AADK Spain, 27. April, Blanca, ESP
      2018 Openstudio, Schloss Pluschow , 24. Nov. Pluschow, Germany
      2018 "Ich kann Dich gerade nicht horen", Galerie vom Zufall und Gluck 10. Nov-9.Dez, Hannover, Germany
      2018 Presentation of scholarship, Kunsthalle Emden Atrium, 8. - 16. Sep. Emden, Germany
      2018 "IN SITU" Open air Kunstfestival, Kunstverein DIE HALLE, 25-26. Aug, Braunschweig, Germany
      2018 Final presentation, "TAM TAM", Johanna Muhle, 15. Juli, Emden, Germany
      2018 "Ich hab dich beim gehen gehort", Burgpassage, 22.-30. Juni, Braunschweig, Germany
  • Residencies/Awards/
    • Residencies
      2021 MMCA Residency Goyang, Goyang, Korea
      2020 Artists in residency Kunstlergut prositz, Grimma, Germany
      2019 Artists in residency Otte1 Kunstlerhaus, Eckernforde, Germany

      2021 Arts Support from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea
      2020 Neustart Kultur Sonderforderprogramm 20/21 Scholarship, Kunstfond Bonn, Germany

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At the watertank, 2015, Performance, wood, 500 L watertank,100x100x300 cm

Sound seesaw, 2018, Interactive installation, wooden seasaw, microcontroller,200x30x50 cm

Curryvolcano, 2017, brass, airpump, curry powder, hose etc., dimensions variable

Screambox, 2016, Interactive installation, projector, woodbox, microcontoller, dimensions variable

52g sculpture, 2017, cut sticker sheets on the kitchen scales, 15x21 cm

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