Soojin Park

Park graduated from Hongik University’s department of fine arts and earned a Ph.D. there with a dissertation titled “The Real and Interpretation of Art in Post-Lacanian Theory>. She has served as director of the 2013 Changwon Asian Art Festival; 2011 Hangbockproject; Emu Artspace (2012–14); and adjunct professor of environmental sculpture at the University of Seoul (2013–15). Her career also includes stints as an independent planner and collaboration with various institutions, organizing exhibits and public projects expressing issues in life and tradition, her main area of interest, through a consilience of liberal arts, science and contemporary art. The exhibits she has planned include KAIST SHuM projects titled Optimal Art Is Fun (2016); Learning How Things Work (2015); Artificial Brain; Robots Evolve (2014); Life Is Beautiful (2013); and Looking at the Sky (2012). Park also staged Omitted Records: Memories of a “Comfort Woman” (2013) and Omitted Records II: The Power of Testimony (2014), a collection of stories of women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese imperial army before and during World War II. Her other works include Interdisciplinary Art Project Cabaret Curiosity (2014); An Old Future City and Nomadic Report 2012: Momentary Life, Momentary Death (Mongolia) at the 2013 Changwon Asian Art Festival’s; and Magic Moment: Korea Express, a partner country’s photo exhibit at the 2009 Hanover Fair in Germany. Her public art projects include the Gwacheon National Science Museum Public Design Project in 2014, Yeongcheon Byeol Byeol Art Village Project in 2011, Sinhak Elementary School Gallery by Seoul City’s Urban Gallery in 2008 and Bulgwangcheon Stream Project by Urban Gallery in 2007. She also planned and organized Arko Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in Mongolia in 2011.

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