Sookang Park

Sookang Park is director and co-founder of AMCompass Inc. (, which carries out a wide range of art projects including art market research, publications, lectures and exhibitions. In 2015, she provided information strategy planning (ISP) consulting for the Korean Art Market Information System implemented by the Korea Arts Management Service. She was one of the authors of the journal Asian Art Market published annually by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Arts Management Service in 2016 and 2017. She co-curated Unfolding Spaces: Byung Jae Oh at the PMQ in Hong Kong in 2016. She has lectured in educational programs organized by Art Busan, Seoul Auction and the Korea Arts Management Service. Her articles have been published in the Art Stage Singapore 2015 Fair Guide, Art Busan 2016 Fair Catalog, Art in Culture, Bazaar, MUINE and The Herald Business. She also co-authored the guide Art Market Hong Kong (Seoul: Artbooks, 2015).

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